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20-100pcs Stop Smoking Anti-smoke Patch Quit Smoking Balm Patch Not Cigarettes Smoking Cessation Plaster Smoker Health Therapy

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Package 01: 20pcs=4bags (5pcs in a bag)

Package 02: 40pcs=8bags (5pcs in a bag)

Package 03: 60pcs=12bags (5pcs in a bag)

Package 04: 80pcs=16bags (5pcs in a bag)

Package 05: 100pcs=20bags (5pcs in a bag)

Product Name: Control Smoking Patch

Ingredients: Natural tobacco extract, Edible clove oil,Aniseed oil,Oran ge oil,Ginger oil,Mentha haplocalyx,etc.

*Quit smoking patch by delayed release percutaneous absorption technology, through the skin release including nicotine, a variety of substances, in smokers are required for nicotine, alleviate withdrawal responses caused by smoking and detoxification detoxification, calm nerves, refreshing, to avoid the through oronasal smoking mainly in the lungs, causing damage.
*Research results show that the international drug and drug is the most effective way to quit smoking is used nicotine patches, through continuous use of smoking cessation patch, alleviate smokers on smoking of physical dependence and psychological dependence, through the use of the term gradually get rid of smoking. And through gradually reduce the amount up to quit smoking, easily and efficiently, let you quit smoking career in full of pain.

Usage Methods:
1.Clean skin , then dry the skin.
2.Remove the anti -adhesion protection membrane.
3.Paste the patch on the cleaned upper parts of body , such as Wrist ,Arm,Thigh,Chest.
4.Attach the Anti-smoke Patches every early morning after getting up.

Individual feeling the itch is in a normal phenomenon, just patch plastic edges and skin friction causes only.

Brand Name






Feature 1

Anti Smoke Patch

Feature 2

Cessation Patch

Feature 3

Control Smoking Patch

Feature 4

Rehabilitation Therapy Supplies

Feature 5

Stop Smoking Patch

Feature 6

Good Adhesion, Long Lasting


All Smokers


100% Natural Herbal


5*5 cm


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