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Diving Gloves brand swimming Gloves Flippers Webbed dive glove dive equipment swim accesories wholesale

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One Size

This glove is not waterproof!

2mm thickness diving reality, with double-sided nylon cloth, non absorbent, fingers have car suture position, make it in the water swimming has maintained the palm shape and will not take place, very elastic, wearing can also extract of fist!
After wearing have webbed feet, when paddling in the water before the speed will increase more than doubled

The following figure for the wearable display:
The thumb is closed, and the other four fingers are exposed.
Staff height of 1 meters 7, in order to show gloves dew finger, deliberately pulled down some of the finger parts, in fact, can not see the dew point. Actual wear according to the length of the individual finger is different, the number of fingers exposed is different.

Q: why do you want to show your fingertips?
Answer: in order to make the webbed hands not for saving too much water, so that the water can smooth fingertips outflow, in order to reduce the burden on the hand, for users to bring a better experience.

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