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Happymodel Distribution Board PCB Section Board With BEC 5V 12V for NAZE32 CC3D Flight Controller QAV250 Frame Kit RC FPV Drone

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The power supply itself is a DC-DC high-frequency switching state. When it works, it generates a high-frequency interference source. In addition, the distance between the power distribution board and the flight control board is very close. There are other accessories, as shown in the remote control receiver. These radio equipment, such as digital transmission, will cause mutual interference due to different frequencies. After adding the shielding cover, the power supply will completely remove the interference of the remote control receiver image transmission, and also a clean and stable power supply for the aircraft. Choosing a good power supply can reduce or completely eliminate the possibility of the bomber caused by the power supply’s interference with the flight control.

Material: PCB
Color: black
For: NAZE32 CC3D Flight Controller QAV250 Frame Kit

With two BEC outputs 5V and 12V voltage input 2-6S with shield case

Newly upgraded current output reaches 3A

With metal shield case minimizes signal interference

CC3D distribution board with two BEC outputs 5V and 12V

Hole position and size are exactly the same as CC3D flight control board

Input voltage 2-6S

The 12V BEC requires an input power of at least 4S. If it is 3S, there is no need to use BEC.

This distribution board uses the industry’s highest standard industrial-grade TI chip, and the PCB board has been fully optimized. The thick copper skin increases stability and has a shield cover.

Package Included:
1 x PCB Board

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